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About Us

Our Mission, Values and Purpose

Sweeney Kovar has been serving successful business owners, families, and other professionals in our community since 1984. We aim to create lasting relationships in our community that educate, transform and inspire our clients, working to align our client’s financial choices with their most important goals, and deeply held values, to keep the important promises they make to their loved ones. Our goal is to deliver financial peace of mind and design comprehensive solutions to life’s financial challenges.



We are passionate about designing the best solutions for our clients. By constantly evolving and embracing new challenges and opportunities, we are always striving for excellence. We proactively help our clients anticipate the key transitions in their lives so they will be financially prepared for them.


We believe in listening to our clients before prescribing solutions. Once we understand our client’s unique situations, we believe comprehensive tax and financial advice through life’s transitions leads to educating our clients around their financial decisions. By leading our clients through these decision, we help them remain accountable and follow through on their financial commitments.


We are committed to remaining objective and honest, inspiring trust in our relationships by putting our clients at center of everything we do.


We believe that we prosper when our community prospers. We believe that we are achieving our goals by partnering with you to achieve your own goals.

Who We Work With

  • Pre-Retirees Preparing for Retirement
  • Retirees In Retirement
  • Local Businesses
  • Business owners and their families
  • Young Professionals & entrepreneurs

How We Help

  • Build a relationship
  • Identify your Goals, Priorities and Needs
  • Create Impact & Alignment through Action
  • Set Intentions & Accountability

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